Bad Piggies Is Ready for Download

Rovio is ready with the sequel to Angry Birds – download Bad Piggies for your Android or iOS device now.

Bad Piggies is the sequel to the very popular mobile game Angry Birds and there have been teaset for the game since sometime in summer. But now it’s finally ready for download – for anyone.

Rovio has announced date 27. In addition, as the official launch date of September, but our site has just seen it actually has been in the App Store since the twenty-first century. September. But now it’s also come to Android-powered devices, where it has just been available to date.

In the first place will only get to the iOS, Android, PC and Mac, and later follows the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions.

You can download the game for free in Google Play Great in both a normal version and a HD version.

The game is also available in Apple’s App Store, but here you have to pay 6 dollars for iPhone version and 18 dollars for iPad version.