Best Selling Professional Hair Spray

We were asked to show news for the hair. I love to meet the requests of the beloved by bringing a release of Silk.

Hair spray is the “toast” of the moment in terms of hair in recent times. Note the shelves of beauty stores and you will see several options.

The main advantage of spray for any brand is that it has a consistency lighter than the cream and, therefore, leaves your hair lighter. If you have problems in using the cream for oily or too heavy it leaves, spray is always a good alternative. The Silk launches its own!

The Silk leave-in conditioning spray promises the same lightness all common spray, contribute to untangle and possibility of application. All have UV filter. There are four types: Thomas Taw (pink bottle, shine and softness), Ouidad (green bottle, volume control, frizz and curls defining), two of Yuko Yamashita (purple bottle: plain disciplined and weak blue: flat end full from root to tip).

What I found interesting is the design of the spray applicator. It is efficient enough to handle both, as for the application of the product. The cream that comes out reaches a greater area than other types of hair spray on the market. I pushed and tested at Beauty Fair. This is a differential of silk for this hair spray. I hope that all these products are as efficient as this mechanism.

The suggested retail price for the hair spray is 8.00 R$ at Let’s say it’s not an exorbitant price!

We want to know what you think about this cosmetic. How do you like this release of silk? What do you think of this brand? Know any other products? Comment!

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