Blouse Neck Baby: How To Use It?

When I was in College, I loved my uniform. I know it sounds weird, but I really loved it. Happens that my uniform was not equal to others: mine had a cute blouse neck baby. I adored this blouse, mainly because the neck was very tender and cute.

Today I am filled with emotion when I see on the street that many girls are encouraged to revive the innocence of children using these blouses so adorable. Do you dare to use them?Here I give you some ideas for your neck blouse baby in every occasion.

Blouses with neck baby, or “peter pan”, are a clear example of how the vintage is leaving in all the trends… Without a doubt, any past was better. Detail with this blouse, by your particular neck, it has its own character, which is defined within the romantic, innocent, women and even children.Therefore blouse with neck baby adapts very well to the male tendency, the preppy, and even bohemia.

Zara, H & M, Asos, Topshop, and practically, all the best known brands in fashion, already have their own version of these sympathetic blouses. And while the design is super basic, this allows toplay with the combination of colors and textures.

You will not only find monochromatic blouses, but now the neck can have other colors or details incredible. Find yours at

Blouse With Skirts For Summer

Blouse neck baby have much essence of classic elegance and innocence; so if you want to achieve a completely feminine and tender look, search your pleated skirt and wear it! You can’t be more feminine with this pair. Remember that the blouse is on the inside of the skirt.

And if you want to use this outfit in winter, only adding the tights and go, but try are those cute tights and mates, they almost cannot see you skin, because with them, your look will be super.You’ll be all a ternurita!

Pants At The Waist With Blouse Neck Baby

For me, the best pair of pants that you can wear this blouse is, without doubt, going to the waist.The waist of the blouse, by being generally straight and loose, balanced great with these pants.These will enhance your figure, as well as sticking a little male female super girl style.

If you are motivated by outfits bicromaticos, adds small details of color, such as hats and belts;Remember that if you use the blouse tucked, the waistband should not be seen empty, so sign up with a thin strap and a colour contrasting. With items like these, you don’t need to reload the costumes.

Neck Baby Denim Blouse

The combination with jeans could not miss. In fact, it is the easiest way to show off your blouse neck baby. A single recommendation: use skinny jeans or jeggings. Blouse inside will make your figure style is much more than if you carry it out. Eye, if you use jeggings (that aren’t jeans, but leggings that look like jeans), use a blouse that is long and covering your pumps.

Don’t limit yourself to the blue jean, combines colors although it is winter! Look what fun are these combinations of type color block, but not so lit. The idea is also to break with classic to make way for new trends, do not you think?

Although, of course, do not like all risk with bright colours, but they prefer the neutral tones and classic. I love how it looks the combination of these two basic super tones; did detail?, therefore the pattern of Python bag, that gives you a hyper modern touch to the outfit.

Blouse With Sweaters

This outfit is certainly one of my favorites, it’s between the limit of the preppy and the masculine. Play with the colors and textures of the neck and the sweater to avoid a monotonous look. Do you know what is the trend for this winter? Sweaters with shorts.

With baby’s neck blouse is undoubtedly one of the items that you must have in your wardrobe.Whether in its most basic version as the inevitable white shirtor your special garment with many details, this nice neck baby arrived to not go!