BQ Aquaris U, First Impressions Video

The Spanish manufacturer BQ wants to deal with the final of the year with a new family of terminals, Aquaris U, a set of three terminals, which have much in common, especially in terms of screen size and resolution. The difference between the three is not too big, but they turn out notice when attention is paid.

The three BQ Aquaris U they are mainly aimed at the mid-range with a competitive price to not drown the pockets of shoppers. The latest generations of BQ terminals include, above all, to incorporate Android stock, and the Aquaris U are no exception.

BQ for terminals with a sober design and a good fluidity

A section that does not include these terminals but is still care is that of design, where we find that the two most humble terminals have a construction in plastic, left the metal for Aquaris U Plus. The grip of the terminal is good, with a proper weight and construction, is in general good.

This time we find ourselves with the speaker at the rear, which has a small extrusion order not to obstruct all the sound when we have the mobile above the table. As it is usually being, the buttons are capacitive and backlit display for viewing in low-light environments.

Other differences at the level of design are the Aquaris U Plus, unlike his brothers, is built in metal and incorporates a footprints on the back sensor, thing that is not present in his companions. Another rather remarkable difference is that only the Aquaris (the medium) U have NFC, others dispense with it.

In terms of specifications, the three agree on the size and resolution screen, this being of 5 inches and HD resolution, that gives a density of 294 pixels per inch. In terms of power will be quite similar, being the Aquaris U Lite which is equipped with a more humble processor, the Snapdragon 425, leaving the Snapdragon 430 for the other two terminals.

All three have in common the memory RAM, 2 GB, But U Plus account with a variant with 3 GB. The same is true in terms of storage, considering the three 16 GB expandable with up to 256 GB microSD cards, but U Plus has a 32 GB version also expandable.

In the section on cameras is where more differences will find, so we will start with the Aquaris U Lite, which brings a back camera of 8 MP with Aperture f/2.0. For the part of Aquaris U have a Chamber of 13 MP with Aperture f/2.2 and with phase detection autofocus, While U Plus increases its resolution to the 16 MP and the aperture is f/2.0, keeping the autofocus with phase detection.

The three terminals are capable of shooting in RAW format. In the front Chamber three equipped with a sensor of 5 MP with Aperture f/2.4 and they have as a curiosity that a small window which indicates when looking to the camera and not the screen. The cameras of three terminals, at least in our first impressions, resolved smoothly, although we hope to discuss more in depth to give a final verdict.

The BQ Aquaris U specifications are mainly aimed at the mid-range, with similar specifications, but not the same at all. The biggest difference between them radice in each camera, metallic design of the U Plus and the exclusive presence of NFC Aquaris u.

The three terminals are equipped with a 3.080 mAh battery that, according to BQ, allows you to reach the end of the day without problems. Again, when we analyse them in depth to see how good is their autonomy. In terms of software, come with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow that, according to the manufacturer, will it be upgraded to Android Nougat at some point.

For lovers of the radio are in luck, as these terminals come with Built-in FM radio so you hear it without spending your rate data. In general the terminals have behaved well, they have not presented any lag when navigating or open applications.

Prices for the not-so-demanding pockets

These terminals can not exceed the € 200 in any of the cases, but let us name each terminal with its price. As for the Aquaris U Lite it will cost €139,90, still available at the end of this year. The Aquaris U will be available on September 30 with a price of € 169,90, Although you can reach the shops from October 6.

As for the Aquaris U Plus, will be available as of September 30 in their web and 6 October in stores at a price of € 199,90 in its version of 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. The price of its most powerful version has not been announced yet, but its version in Golden will be delayed until the end of October.