Bra On Display: 4 Amazing Models To Use And Tips To Hit The Combination

Long gone the time when bras were solely to support the breasts and were hidden under the clothes. The current lingerie can not only be on display, but also be the protagonists of the look.

The trick is to invest in well finished and with charming details. The bra showing up can be used day and night, just use good judgment in choosing. A red lace BRA, for example, is exaggerated for the desktop, but can take a ballad with her friends. Check out some tips to leave your BRA on display without fear of making mistakes. The play looks even prettier with a top type bra. With the larguinhas side and the large bowl, he offers total support and leave the look in better style sexy without being vulgar. The larger side also helps hide any fat or the foldy bit. In income models are even more beautiful. As for the colors, prefer white or black, which give a nice contrast to the production. Transparent shirts matched the Bra Paris-Loba by Lupo With races cavadas, invest in a bra with the right side over. If you have large breasts, attention to the so-called “side 3”, which happens when the bra is small and does not cover the entire breast, leaving the sides showing. Bet on contrast: t-shirts with a heavier footprint are beautiful with a delicate bra and well worked. Will the race Committee dug? When in doubt, bet on Bra Shinny-Loba by Lupo The play won a charm with a lace bra showing cleavage and can be used on a daily basis. The Sutã Mix-Loba by Lupo is delicate and feminine with a basic t-shirt Super high, strappy bra model, which has strips that create geometric designs on the skin, let the look modern and sexy and can be used both with a denim shirt slightly open as with low-cut tank tops. Com e regatas shirts stripped, invest in a bra Neo-Loba by Lupo.