Bra on Display

Have you thought about showing your bra without it appearing slack?

Well, nowadays lingerie manufacturers are investing more and more in lingeries
of different shapes, models and colors, so that they can increase their most beautiful looks. Bras with a little of the income appearing (it is worth to accompany the neckline of the blouse, or “escape” on the side) give a sexy air to the production.

The Color Models

Everything should start with a good and beautiful lingerie, but first make sure that the bra is clean and whole, that is, no holes or balls. In this case, they can be colored pieces, which sometimes look like tops, they get a green light when it comes to the neckline or even the side of the shirt, it’s a show!

The Printed Patterns

The same idea of ​​the colored bra is also valid for the prints, as they make the piece much more fun, being used almost as an accessory itself, so it never leaves the look over.

The Models With Income

Bras that have a little income appearing, are also welcome, as long as they accompany the neckline of the blouse, or escape a little by the side, they always give a sexy air to the production. So, combine with more laid-back pieces, such as the colorful and spare regattas worn with beautiful jeans.

Ways to Use

Jeans To Wear 1 – White Shirt With Transparency

If you want a more modern look, bet on the contrast created between the pieces, like black bra accompanied by a white shirt, for example. However, it is important that the rest of the composition have more basic, neutral colors to not get tacky. But of course, if you want to draw less attention to the lingerie you’re wearing, wear a nice white lace bra, it’s a luxury!

Way To Wear 2: Printed Shirt With Transparency

If you do not like to abuse the transparencies and still have a bit of a fear of letting lingerie appear, use the shirts printed with transparency. Thus, the design of the print will take the attention of the bra and ensure a fashion more fashion, without appearing too sexy. As a hint it is worth saying that black bras are always the best to match the style.

Way To Wear 3: Bra Underneath Lace

As protagonist of the last seasons, the income combines much with the universe of the lingeries and plays with the game of hides and reveals. To balance the game, bet on this sexy combination using pieces such as pants and short jeans and printed trousers, all matching the lace. In the case of the dress, the models with skirt the most round become cooler.

Way To Wear 4: Bra Under Knitting

This option is more discreet than the income, but also not as fashion as, therefore, can be used by any age group and even for those who are overweight, since the fat is not in evidence. Just know how to vary the model of the plot to dare more or less.

Avoid Using:

  • -When you do not want the bra to appear, wear them the same color as your blouse, otherwise, it may look awkward, especially if the blouse is of a thinner or lacy fabric, for example.
  • -Fuja also shows the bra in compositions that are already too sexy.
  • -To not look like a loose-fitting look, the lingerie should appear with intention, not because the person moved and unintentionally showed the piece.
  • -A bra with lace strap can be on display as it is beautiful enough for this and even a swimmer type model can improve the look more according to the parts used.