Buying Guide for Bike Helmets


There are bike helmets for all tastes.Very sophisticated models, light and with nice design that can cost you a good peak (more than 100 and 200 euros).And others much more basic, but that will protect your head well (that’s what it is) for just 20 euros. 

In any case, before buying a helmet you have to look at it well … and try it on. The helmet should fit snugly on the head, but not compressed. It should also allow you to see and hear without problems. Before choosing a bike helmet:

Look at the housing.Ideally, it should be molded directly onto the inner material of the helmet, rather than glued onto it, as it could be detached in the event of impact.

There are details that improve comfort and safety: the sun visor, a chin strap protector, reflective (or a back light), a mesh that prevents the entry of insects … It is a good idea That your helmet has these possibilities.

Try it.The straps should be tight, but leaving a small margin (that fits at least one finger).And they must surround their ears without covering them.As for closing, better if it is clic: two pieces that fit inside another.

Once adjusted, remember that the helmet must be leveled horizontally.

Also check that it does not move to one side when moving the head with energy.

And if it is a helmet for a child, check for yourself that it is comfortable, well leveled over your head protects you.

In The City…

The Traffic Law obliges to wear helmets in the city to those under 16 years of age. OCU has asked more than 4,000 people (both cyclists and non-cyclists) for the use of the helmet in the city, and those who are in favor of the helmet are winning.Even so, those who use the bike most are against the use of the helmet in urban areas.

One thing does not remove the other, and there is no doubt that the helmet protects the rider from brain injuries in case of an accident.

An Airbag?Is Not Safe

If you do not like helmets and are thinking of a good alternative, do not opt ​​for the airbag for cyclists.The airbag looks like a scarf and has a rechargeable battery that lasts about 18 hours.It is fastened by the neck and swells automatically in case of impact. Why not recommend it? For two reasons:

  1. It takes a long time to open: about 232-382 milliseconds (that of a motorcycle does not exceed 100 milliseconds).
  2. Its result in the shock absorption test is not good. In addition, in case of impact you must buy a new one and its price is around 299 euros.

Helmets And Children, ALWAYS

Children are more prone to falls by riding their bikes because of their lack of experience and awareness of danger.Therefore, in addition to teaching them to ride a bike, we must raise awareness of the importance of the helmet.

It is best that you choose a helmet that allows the little one to be safe and comfortable at the same time, because if it is uncomfortable, they will not want to wear it and will be forgotten at home.

We can find two models: hard shell and soft shell.All helmets have the same essential components, although hard shells are better in case of blows.Those soft shell, meanwhile, transpire better than the first.