Camera Duel: Top Models Meet

Four top models meet each other in a camera duel in low lighting, Apple, Nokia, HTC and Samsung are fighting over seats.

The cameras in smartphones has this year been in strong focus, first was HTC out with their One X, since came Samsung with Galaxy S III, and finally, Nokia has launched the Lumia 920 with PureView technology.

These units have been in battle against each other and against Apple’s new flagship iPhone 5 for best pictures in low lighting. One point on which all producers feel their unity is good, but what makes it best?

It has our site set out to find out the professional ambience.

The website has had the opportunity to borrow Its test-study, where among other things, the company has tested the Lumia 920, in order to ensure it takes good pictures in low light, the result is not diskuterbar.

See the pictures from the units below. Together with the result above, which undoubtedly shows Lumia 920 ‘s powerful camera under low lighting, so has also created a video that shows the Studio as the devices have taken the pictures in, and tells about the test’s execution, this can be seen below.