CBB Mobil Introduces Speed Drop

Now it must be no more nasty surprises, if you use a lot of data.

Our site has previously told that with an all-in-one subscription to the smart phone runs the risk of extra expense for data usage-the so-called “data trap”-if one is not careful. Some telcos will charge for a high price at consumption in addition to the inclusion of the amount of data.

So far, the CBB Mobil was one of the companies, where there is a danger of getting an extra expense, if you use Facebook a little too much, or if you stream video from our site.

CBB mobil will charge a rate of 35 cents for data usage in addition to the inclusion of the amount in subscriptions, which is equivalent to 350 kroner per GB. Compared with the prices of Cbb all-in-one subscriptions, which often contains several GB of data, then it is quite a significant price premium.

CBB mobil thinks about their customers

Last month , however, Devices Director Mikkel Noesgaard CBB could tell that CBB Mobil was considering introducing speed drop, so the company’s customers will not be charged extra if they exceed their included data package. It now looks that CBB Mobil has decided to introduce speed drop.

According to a newsletter from CBB Mobil, then have the phone company decided to introduce speed drop in the company’s subscriptions per 1. October 2012.

Thereby releasing the CBB Mobile customers for unexpected additional bills, but at the same time, the customers accept the speed of their internet connection will be scaled down, when the monthly volume of data included are exhausted.

The change is apparent, however, is not yet on CBB Mobile website, but the change has, however, confirmed by the CBB Mobile customer service on Facebook.

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