Chairs for the Dining Room: 10 Modern Models

Check out amazing pieces to decorate the social area.

The dining room seats are essential elements to this room in the House. They must be beautiful, comfortable and able to combine with the other elements that make up the decor. The environment itself has a very strong social vocation, so you can’t choose any model of Chair.

The dining room is almost a continuation of the living room, so the chairs should be as cozy as the armchairs and sofas from the main living area. Comfort is a priority, but we can’t forget the aesthetic harmony of design and raw material.

Models of chairs for dining room

10 separate models of chairs for the dining room from Check out:

1. Chair of ABS and wooden legs

This model, found for sale on web shop Mobly, wooden legs and a seat ABS for more anatomical than an upholstered piece is quite comfortable. The modern design, available in the colors white, black and red, is the main attraction. A kit with four white chairs, for example, costs R$699,99.

2. wood upholstered Chair

This model is manufactured with solid wood, has your lacquered surface and has a comfortable upholstered seat. Their colors are neutral, so it does not suggest difficulties to match the dining room table. The price of two pieces in Stores KD is R $499.19.

3. MDF Chair upholstered

Who’s searching for cheap chairs, elegant and yet, you must know the model Madesa Verona, available in the Casas Bahia. The piece is made from MDF, lightly upholstered seats and a modern design, which combines the colours black and white. The price of a kit with two chairs is $ $197.91.

4. chrome Chair

If, by chance, your dining table has a chrome finish, so nothing better than buying chairs with the same aesthetic features. The model shown in the image above has shiny steel frame and wood seat. On the website of KD Stores, the price of a kit with four pieces is $ $379.82.

5. colored Chair

Many people don’t want the dining room decor be monotonous, so I end up turning the chairs in color elements. In store My Wood furniture you find color models with retro design, which are perfect to decorate not only the dining room, but also the kitchen or even the home office. The price of each piece is $ $269.00.

6. printed Chair

To leave the dining room with a more laid back, and very worthwhile include stamped chairs in décor. There are many models available on the market, as is the case of the part coated with colored frame of Romero Brito. In Mobly, the Chair that appears in the image above costs R$341,99.

7. fully upholstered Chair

Who’s searching for sophistication and comfort in every way should invest in fully upholstered chairs, as is the case of the piece shown in the image above. The model has a neutral color and therefore combines with different decorating styles. In Tok & Stok, the price is $ $399.00.

8. Chair with arm

This model is a real classic and this combines with any dining room. The arms present in the design make the accommodation more comfortable. Pictured above we have a piece made of solid wood and coated with printed fabric. The store Wood Wood, the price is R$457,68.

9. Transparent Chair

Your room has a contemporary design with a futuristic touch? Then you can complete the decoration with transparent chairs. This model is manufactured with colorless polycarbonate and creates a cool and different effect on the environment. In Tok & Stok, the price is somewhat salty: R $948.00.

10. Tulip Chair

The Tulip Chair has a stylish design and modern at the same time. She helps with contemporary décor and will impress all your guests. The finish of this piece is all white and Black upholstery. Web-store Mobly, the price is $ $629.99.

There are many other models of chairs for the dining room and the right choice just depends on the style of your decor.