Chanel Spring Summer 2012: Rouge Coco Lipsticks, Shine and Allure

Rouge Coco and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine are the proposals for summer 2012. Those who cannot give up the Red passion of Chanel, instead, will love the gloss Allure that captures light and illuminates the lips for spring 2012. Costs and limited editions to be seized in stores more chic.

Colors and prices of rosetti Chanel for spring/summer 2012

Along with the Collection Chanel Harmonie collection Printemps launches new lipstick colors for spring/summer 2012. The shades are inspired by nature and to strip nude for a make-up in line with pastel trends 2012.

Rouge Coco and Rouge Coco Shine cost between 20 and 30 € and you can buy them at where you will find lots of offers for both lipsticks, both gloss and treatments Baume to apply for makeup!

Coco Rouge Shine is a two clear options ranging from light beige to Orange Empreinte En vougue. The most fashionable color of the new spring/summer 2012 Coco Rouge is undoubtedly the Calypso coral from new fascinating shades inspired by corals in double option mat or gloss.

To have a perfect lip make-up also Chanel also has the pencil for the outline lips in the same colors of lipsticks and lip glosses that cost around 25 €.

Red Passion by Chanel, available in both matte gloss, Allure, is irresistible and on this classic joined to new ideas very clear beige and pink Chanel provides us with a color palette for lips by the perfect fit and to create a sparkling and bright makeup.