Children’s Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

Children’s fashion, the 2015 Spring Bean state collection has something for everyone and all ages: everything you need in the first months of life until the age at which children begin to see the world alone.

Chicco presents the new collection of clothes and accessories for spring summer 29015, a line designed to accompany the little ones, but even the little ones, at any time of the day, from the first steps to great adventures. A collection dedicated to children since their first day of life, with a strict selection of fabrics, 100% cotton for toddlers, and a variety of items that most can not. The Chicco Indoor line includes onesies, body suits, rompers, but also baby bibs and Accessories for the crib and everything you need to get started. Discover Chicco children’s fashion collection in our gallery in HartselleClothing!

Between the various lines of Grain for spring 2015 there is also a nice capsule collection consisting of a few heads, but all very functional, with colors that try to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children: from green to yellow and blue representing the nature that promote tranquility. In short, a line waiting to be discovered!

Cato also dedicates to the liveliest children the Outdoor line of My First Chicco that mixes together a stylish casual outfits that are perfect for every day. Dresses and floral prints for the girls, colored t-shirt and pants for little explorers that have just started to discover the world. And then there’s the collection My Grain, for children from 1 to 8 years, a diverse line that passes from casual garments more elegant ones, no half measures.