Choice of the Jewel of Bride | Tiara, Crown or Coke?

My tip for today is for those who are undecided in their choice of the jewel of the bride for the wedding

The brides and the attachment to be used for the wedding has generated a lot of indecision according to Today, with so much diversity and types of dresses is hard to find the piece of jewelry for the big day. My friends bridal has gone crazy for prang what to wear on the most important day of their lives. What I hear is: “the bride has to shine!”, or “the attachment has to come”, especially the mothers. So come on, separated some tips to help them in this difficult decision.

  1. Watch your brightness

Currently we have to be very careful with exaggerations. Glittering, big accessories, with feathers or claws on the sides are old-fashioned, not to say “cheesy”. But we have to bring the classics which are: crowns, tiaras and Coke, even suffering changes in size, with inclusion of pedrarias, become more sophisticated.

  1. Less is more!

If you’re that bride super “it girl”, which follows every wedding blogs, I got a tip that works quite well: less is more! This includes arrangements as it may seem, brooches, like in the movie “Gatsby”, very thin Headbands with small dots of light within, among others.

  1. ask your stylist

If you are with a lot of doubt about what to use, ask your orientation stylist, it can also indicate and help in choosing the ideal cessório that combine with your dress.

  1. Tiara Crown or coke?

The accessory must emphasize the beauty of the bride, and not overshadow it. Remembering that we can separate by dress and hair models for each accessory.


-brightness: romantic bride getting married in the field.

Allows a dress not so bulky and with few pedrarias.

Hair up or semi-preso.

-dull: contemporary bride, married at the field or beach.

Dress light and fluid, with lace and little stones.

Hair down or semi-preso.


Indicated for weddings at night, with all the pomp and glamour of a bride.

Voluminous dresses, princesses.

Hair up to the Crown.


-Traditional:traditional brides with wedding for indoors and at night.

Voluminous dresses, princesses.

Hair up in bun form to highlight the coke.

-Boho Chic:contemporary brides who are getting married in the countryside or the beach.

Dress light and fluid, with lace and little stones.

Presou hair or down, using it as an attachment in the back of the hair.

Anyway, choose accessories with great care and, before you decide, ask your hair stylist if the gem involves the kind of hairstyle, because it is also very important. Several times the hairstyle and the conflict and the bride has to choose only one of them.