Church Wedding: 10 Tips for Impeccable Decor

Check out tips and ideas for decorating the church so sophisticated and elegant.

The church wedding should be decorated with good taste and good sense, valuing the personality of the bride and groom and recognizing the limitations of the place. See ideas to compose religious ceremony decor.

The Church, whether Catholic or Protestant, is a sacred place. When the couple resolve to marry in a sanctuary, they are assuming a commitment with God and religion. To make the flawless ceremony, it is worth taking care of each item of decoration, such as the choice of colors, the arrangements and other embellishments.

Decorating tips for church wedding

The House and Party split 10 tips on decoration for church wedding. Check out:

1-learn the rules of the Church

Before you plan every detail of the wedding decoration, you have to know the rules of the Church. See what can be used to decorate the religious ceremony. If another wedding is scheduled for the same day, consider making a shared decoration.

2 – Highlight the architectural elements

Many churches, especially the Catholics, have an impeccable architecture, full of wall paintings, sacred images and stained glass Windows. If the temple where the marriage has these characteristics, the ideal is to avoid excessive adornments and find ways to enhance the local architecture. A good strategy for this enhancement is the use of lights.

3 – minimalism is on the rise

The old custom of leaving the temple filled with decorations. The trend now is a simple church wedding decorations, bolstered by the minimalist style.

For those who don’t know, the minimalism proposes that “less is more”, so the composition must rely on something more clean, clean and without irreverências.

4-the choice of colors

The choice of colors is a very important factor to make the decoration of the Church and with the faces of the bride and groom. Red and white, blue and white, green and white and yellow and white are just some of the many possible combinations.

If you don’t want to run the risk of being wrong in decoration of the Church for the wedding, then bet on white. That tone, neutral and clear, lets leave the place of the ceremony with a classic look.

5-Consider the ceremony schedule

Consider the time of religious ceremony is an important factor. The church wedding night, for example, asks for more elaborate and sophisticated decor. Already the event held during the day can count with simple embellishments and charming.

6-the choice of flowers

Different species of flowers are used to decorate the Church. The choice will depend on the style that you want to enhance the wedding ceremony. If the idea is to create a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere, bet on tulips, the white roses, lilies or lavender.

The Gerber daisies, flowers and sunflowers are responsible to create a composition more cheerful.

7 – Decorate the Hall with creativity

There are many creative ideas to decorate the Hall of the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom can bet on flower petals all over the floor or use flowers alongside the banks. Arrangements with ribbons, glass vases, candles and even mirror are also good decorating ideas to mark the path of the bride and groom down the aisle.

8 – bet on high and visible arrangements

Both the altar and in the entrance of the Church, it is recommended to use high arrangements and flashy. These elements, when put into specific positions, let the wedding ceremony with a more elegant and romantic at the same time. The height of the arrangement can reach 3 m and the amount of flowers should be abundant.

9 – Decorate the walkway with low arrangements

The Catholic church wedding decorations or can be drawn up with Evangelical low arrangements, able to mark the path of the bride and groom and groomsmen without interfering in the visibility of the guests. Small interspersed flower beds are a great option for decorating the location of the ceremony.

10-Use DIY decorations in the Church

You want to make the wedding ceremony with a personal touch? So bet on DIY ornaments. These pieces, made by hand, they can decorate the banks of the guests with a lot of style and good taste.

And there? Like the tips and ideas for wedding decorations in the Church? Leave a comment. If you have a suggestion for decorating, comment too.