CMT March Results: Telstra Is The Operator Who Enjoys Better Health

This month of March, 2010 if we can say that Telstra is the operator who has obtained best results since not only portability lives an operator if not that taking into account all discharges and all casualties, Telstra has also been which has obtained best results Although all operators continue to grow in number of customers.

If we take into account only data portability, March almost back to beat the record since he has reached the second highest number of portability in mobile lines of the last two years. In terms of net profit, Telstra is which manages to capture more customers through portability, a total of 45.436 new lines followed by Orange 24.588 and the MVNO with 10.780.

On the opposite side, which lost lines for this reason are Movistar with 35.801 lines less and Vodafone which sees escape 45.003 lines but in this case, Vodafone clarifies that if fixed numbers that will make mobile had had in mind, the negative balance would have “only” been 1,325 lines.

With regard to the quarterly data that better reflect the evolution of the market take account of data portability, new high and low, between January and March, Telstra has been most benefited operator to capture the 47.43% of lines won by operators, followed by Movistar with the 25.65%, Vodafone with the 10.14% and the OMVs who manage to do with the high total 9.99.

Finally, Orange only captured 6.79% although in this case, low data defendants have been the loss of 235,000 prepaid lines (more 155,000 in April) that have failed to identify themselves properly after the obligation imposed by the Ministry of the Interior.