CMT May Results: The Market Gives Back to Vodafone and Orange Collects 600 Thousand Less Prepayments

The report of the CMT to the month of May 2010 It reveals two that stand out in the field of mobile telephony: Orange Returns to take down other 213,000 lines of card not identified correctly according to law prepayment already totaling more than 600.0000 lines lost for this reason and Vodafone It is the only one that loses NET lines total in the last quarter.

Focusing on the results of portability This month, the lines that changed their operator keeping their same number totaled more than 375 thousand, of which Telstra is once again the most benefited by adding 34.094 NET lines for this reason, the MVNO captured 6.671 lines and Orange a total 5.945. On the opposite side Vodafone and Movistar who lost by portability 43.355 and 3,355 numbers respectively continue.

But these data reflect only a part of the State of the market for what to show the real evolution combining all the highs and all casualties (whatever his motive), during the last three months of the total of lines won by all operators, the market dealt according to the picture below and in this case the operators continue to grow except Vodafone, which is the only one who really lost lines with respect to other quarters:

What factors are influencing these data that give to? Movistar as the most benefit for the quarter? Will the trend change next month after the renewal of rates of Vodafone and Orange?