Coat Trend, How To Use And Where To Buy

The cold has arrived and with it the looks more elegant, sophisticated and coat of fake, Fluffy or pieces are Stuffed well, bulky and strong presence in look, which raises a lot of questions. Who follows me there in urges saw I posted a very casual look and usable with a coat of by there, there were some doubts and I decided to make this post that you like here.

For Wide Hips

The coat of fur is a villain for those with wide hip IF YOU DON’T know how to use it, the secret is to choose the SHORT COATS, shoes, even if they are without heel preferably with THIN beak and FLARE pants, some touches that make all the difference. Take the focus of hip and calls attention to the shoulders.

With Dress

If I had a big coat use with dress, looks great and if you don’t handle the cold use a half skin color, put over the knee all you can, but take that beautiful dress from the closet. RS. …

With A Single Color Underneath

Use a single color under help, the stretches the silhouette and your allows you to use any color and volume of coat on top.

Long Coat

The longer hair coats are great for those who have little or big bust, hip draw attention down the body, care that can flatten a little, then pointy shoes also help to stretch to the case of shorties.

My Look

I used the techniques that I told you, color only on the inside, light color on the outside, shorter coat to disguise your hips and even used an over the knee without heel, proving that you don’t have to be a super luxurious look to use the coat, was a warm production for the weekend indoors with very cold lol …

Where To Buy

To see more details of each coat, price, click here:!