Collection of Enamels Hits

The hits is a Brazilian Nail Polish line Speciallità. As the market began to grow demand for glazes, the manufacturers of beauty items grew in equal proportion, creating increasingly innovative brands. And apparently there’s room for all, as the hits are on the market since 2001 and already has a huge innovative color chart.

The great advantage of glazes hits has always been their packaging. While most is playing between middle oval and square, the hits came with little faces of Hello Kitty in special line, cylindrical format and with super resistant glasses. Some people want to glazes Hits in the collection just because you love the jars of the brand.

Another unique feature of the brand is to create removable cover. Some manufacturers still put loose covers, not comfortable at the moment of enamelling. The Speciallità invented a different model, in which it is possible to take most of the cover and stay only with brush in hand, thus facilitating the use of the product, even for someone who is professional and feels difficulties with thick covers.

Colors and Collections of Glazes Hits

Multicrome – you are one of those that can’t lose a glaze with almost virtual effects? The multicrome line, known in other fashions as futacor enamel, is your man.

Glitters -the name of the collection says it all: enamel with glitter. As they came into fashion again, the brand has invested in three basic colors: pink, silver and gold, the car bosses from the collection with glitter. But the full collection has 19 colors, pink, green, blue, violet and many others, all with the dear glitter finishes.

Gio Antonelli Sensations -after a successful collection released with the name of the actress, the brand decided to invest in a new partnership, and luxury! There are no fewer than 19 colors, especially the Leg Bamba, orange hue, the color of summer. Six metallic colors.

Vita – the inspiration for this collection are the floral essences of Bah, responsible for, in just a few drops, change the behavior and bringing health benefits. One of the colors, the red burgundy, WINS charming and differentiated from other brands.

Malhação -the brand was the first to launch nail polish inspired by the characters and the plot of the novel oldest global broadcast. The differential of the glaze is to be double: IE: the bottle has two parts, one in color with varnish finish and another top, glitter, to finish. A luxury!

Creamy -like wife never gives up a traditional enameling, the brand has a complete collection of creamy glaze. There are 36 colors, clear nail polish to dark, with a royal blue and intense colors pale and basic, like pink and lilac, because you can never have enough femininity, girls?

Pearly -Pearly finishes are chic and give a discreet sheen to the nail, and can be used either day or night without problems. You can invest in more discrete colors or vibrant, since the collection adds red tones closed to the Pearly tone cream, which looks more like a pearl on the nail even.

Price of Glazes Hits and Where to Buy

For those who are enjoying the color chart and thinking of buying, good news: the enamel hits is in the list of products for nails. Each bottle has an average price of R $ 6 and can cost us $ 9 in the most expensive.

Buy glazes of the mark is simple too. You can buy it online at THENAILMYTHOLOGY.COM. It is a product easy to be found in the main Brazilian capitals.

Hypoallergenic Nail Polish Hits

The brand has also been investing in its select group of people, that is, who suffer reactions with common nail, created a line of nail polish hypoallergenic. They are indicated with in the package as 3 Free, i.e. no DBP, toluene and formaldehyde, the most common components of enamels to cause allergies in users. The value differs slightly, but not enough to scare the loyal customers brand, getting around $ 10 and average with a good color chart. The newer collections are all hypo-allergenic, making the brand produced unique in its lightweight formula.