Compare Phones by Google

Google is a company that has the foot in almost everything that is related to the technology. To tell the truth, it is a fact that Google is interested in facilitating and making accessible any information that may make life easier for people. This is even part of the company’s policy.

Compare Phones by Google

When it comes to mobile phones and tablets Google is the company responsible for the Android operating system, which is undoubtedly a facility and so inserted into any smartphone. Using an Android phone is a great experience, but which phone?

Which phone to buy?

Before you have an Android phone you need to choose a model and this is nothing trivial. Just like computers and cars that have dozens of items to take into consideration before buying, a smartphone needs to be well evaluated taking into account the user’s need and how much he wants to pay for the handset.

Phone Comparison

Now this task of comparing phones got a bit easier as Google Phone Gallery. There you can choose your country and compare devices of different brands and already buy direct from the operator. In Brazil there are still few brands and operators, but soon more must appear.

Put Google Phone Gallery in your favorites because you might need it.

Note: Google Phone Gallery has been shut down. But you can still follow tips for choosing the right smartphone for you , according to your user profile and day-to-day mobile use. There are other services that also do the comparison of phones, which you can use when you are in doubt about which phone to choose. They are very easy and simple to use.