Conservation of the Canteen

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Conservation of the Canteen

How to save a canteen?

Talking about canteen with a friend of a forum of carbines, the “Major”, I decided to write a few lines about the conservation of a canteen.

How to get the bad taste of the canteen?

Canteens, plastic, for example, usually impregnate the taste of anything other than water. If some taste impregnated on your plastic canteen, attempt to resolve with hot water and a handful of salt. What works great for removing the bad taste is put a tablespoon of baking soda along with water (for a canteen of 900 ml or 1 l), close and shake well, then drain and repeat the procedure.

Aluminum canteen

The canteens of aluminum has another problem, which is the oxidation. Let a few drops of water in the canteen for many days may make it unusable with rusty spots.

How to clean the canteen

To avoid these problems, avoid as much as possible use any liquid other than water into your canteen. After use, there are some forms that are recommended for cleaning. Some people recommend just using water and a brush, giving more attention to nipple. I find it very hard to get the brush can reach some parts of the canteen, so I prefer another method.

You can use Hidrosteril in the same quantity used to purify water, or Clorin also (in my opinion is too expensive). To use Hidrosteril, place 1 drop for every 100 ml of water. Most canteens Act 900 ml, so it would be 9 drops. You can also put 2 drops of bleach to each litre of water. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then rinse very well under running water. Leave the flask to dry upside down to eliminate the possibility of water droplets stay lost inside the canteen, something extremely harmful, especially for aluminum products.

See how was the oxidation in the Major aluminum canteen, which encouraged this article: