Create Your Own Search Bar from Google

There are many available for Android launchers, but something that most of them have in common is the Google search bar. Although you technically get the widget installing the official app from Google, many pitchers include its own version, hopefully with some customization options.

Some launchers such as Nova Launcher allows you to configure the appearance of the Google toolbar, but frequently options are not too extensive. That is where comes Custom Search Bar Widget, a search bar widget with support for themes and customization.

Color bar as you want

If you use Nova Launcher probably already know that you can configure the appearance of the search bar fairly accurately, but in other launchers you will probably not have as much luck. Custom Search Bar Widget is a Widget for Android resizable, you can fit perfectly into most of the throwers.

After adding it to the home screen you can click on the options button to modify its appearance. You’ll find input 22 predesigned styles ready to be used, with more options to customize the tab to edit the widget and edit search.

The customization options are somewhat limited in the free version, with several styles locked to the paid version (2.09 euros) but have enough customization options for change the colors and that you attach to your desktop better than ever.

Another interesting option is the possibility of including shortcuts to open apps, web links or actions directly from the toolbar.

Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW1.9.2

  • Version of Android: from 4.0.3
  • Developer: Nate Wren Design
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Customization