Customize T-shirts in Neon Colors

The power film clipping (Plotter) gained reinforcement, and it came from far away. Dimona can already be found on the  premium plotter, and with it, its variety of vinyls with neon colors.

Brought from Germany, the premium plotter quickly became a product of great acceptance in the world of t-shirt personalization. The durability, the touch and the aesthetic result are exceptional.

But what are the striking differences between conventional plotter and premium plotter?

Well, conventional Plotter (Power Fillm) needs to be set at a temperature of approximately 200 degrees for 8 seconds. Tissue adherence requires this high temperature.

Already the premium sticks in a lower temperature, 150 degrees and is removed with the protective film and fabric already cold.

In summary, the main characteristic and advantage of Plotter Premium is that its fixing being made in less time and with low temperature in relation to the others, brings less damages to the fabrics, since it avoids the marks (of the thermal press) or possible burns, attests its higher strength and durability (since it does not need to be exposed to high temperatures for adhesion).

The neon colors we talked about above are also an important differential. Since they increase the possibilities of resolution to the requests and fully meet the taste of the consumer, giving more life and color to names, numbers and even drawings of a color.

In addition, the premium touch and durability is unquestionably of higher quality.

Although the price is still higher than the others, it is worth the result that it presents.

So, now that you already know which plotter to choose, go to a Dimona closest to you to  customize your t-shirts!