Cycling Tours in Europe

Here in Europe, with a focus on the Tour de France, Valhalla for bike enthusiasts. But the second cycle rounds held in the shadow of the Tour de France, for example, in Colombia, Cuba, Senegal, Eritrea, Qatar and China.

Tour of Eritrea

Eritrea’s poor. The future of the children in the country is anything but bright. By cycling they forget their troubles for a while. It is therefore hardly surprising that the leading riders have armies of fans who cheer athletes like real pop stars. Eritrea, a former Italian colony. The desert country inherited the passion for cycling for their old rulers. But the civil war and constant conflict with neighboring Etheopië into the national cycle race for a long time not through. In 2001 the event was held for the first time in 55 years will occur again. This was done under the auspices of the UN peacekeeping force, including 1,100 Dutch peacekeepers.

The Colombian cycling race

Tour Tank
Tour de Colombia is tough for several reasons. Slippery roads are rare. And the mountains in the French tour overshadowed by Colombia. In addition, you as a cyclist always consider an attack by the terrorist group FARC. Everywhere stern look Colombian soldiers and even thoughts along the way.

The Colombian cycling race since its inception in 1951 won only twice by a foreigner. But what do you want: the first gives you a paltry 6500 euros. It is a pittance compared with the first prize in the Tour de France: € 450,000. How enthusiastically encourage fans, as a professional, you will think twice before traveling to the country.

Cycle in Cuba

The communist Cuba loves wierennen. On the Vuelta e Cuba, “as the Cuban annual bike race warm, riders come from different countries. But almost every year wins a Cuban. The prices are not to write home about, but it is not important. It’s about showcasing your talent. the status you as an athlete wins by winning the Tour of Cuba, slide up the social ladder.

The round of Senegal

The round of Senegal’s just like in Colombia for only true die-hards. Because cycling an average of 40 degrees Celsius requires a lot of your body. Particularly when the water and foods of poor quality. You sweat, but when only one deck. However, this round is quite popular in the international circuit.
The organization of the Tour of Senegal is not always good. The riders are often irritated by the bad roads. To solve this problem, the organization decided to use the double good roads. Often a man placed in the middle of the street waving a flag, and serves as a living turning point. By asphalt to ride again, you make your mileage on a nice path.

Tour de Kina

Since 2006, the Chinese have a private tour. Which will be held on Hainan Island, the smallest province in China. The Chinese, who are already many copies, tried to emulate the Tour de France. They also wanted to surpass the French cycling spectacle. But she could not. Cycling is simply not living in China, how many people with flags you also put along the way.
Major sporting events are important for the prestige of the Chinese. They therefore implies a tight organization.Take the Beijing Olympics. China has committed itself to ever host the biggest and best games. Even in revolutions in Hainan everything should be tiptop. A dirty starting line is completely out of the question.

Biking in Qatar

Qatar is a peninsula in the Middle East. It is located in the Persian Gulf is very rich. Therefore, the oil state buy anything he wants. And what Qatar had not, was a true sporting tradition. With a big bag of money in the country hired the organization of the Tour de France, and attracted some well-known European professional teams. Riders cycle on straight roads through the desert. Sometimes they passed a spectator watching the whole thing from his Mercedes.

Cycling Equipment

A proper equipment is essential for professional cyclists, including water bottle, helmet, bike light and protective clothing. You can buy them on the Internet.