Danish Apps for Windows Phone Is Lagging Behind

The number of Windows Phone applications increases evenly-but it lags with Danish apps.

The Danish developers from our site has created applikationenen marketplace for Windows Phone, as we have previously mentioned.

In addition to the brilliant application, so MPbruun.dk also has a very nice statistics on applications, in the Danish part of Windows Phone Store.

According to statistics, there are per 26. September 75,611 applications available in the Danish Winodws Phone store, of which 991 is published by Danish developers. The number of applications has roughly doubled since the beginning of the month of March, according to statistics from MPbrun.dk.

But looking more closely at the statistics, so that increases the number of Danish applications, however, are not as fast as the number of foreign applications.

At our site you can also follow individual application popularity via a smart search function, where you simply enter the application name. This feature, however, is probably most interesting for developers of Windows Phone applications.

See for yourself the statistics here.