Decorating – Using Colors to Create a Home

I already talked about this in this post, but this subject is so interesting to me (and I hope that for you too) that I go back to it: How to give an “identity” to your house, simply using the colors?This “identity” can be and depends on a lot of things, but a simple way to do this is by using colors….As well?

It is not to paint everything in one color, it is not to systematically repeat the same set of colors to the same extent…It is easier to give an example, to show what I mean: I took the photos below the Apartment Therapy website. They are all of one house, simple, but that shows what I mean in a very clear way, look,

This is the living room of the house. The walls are white. The color in most quantity is the Blue (from the door). And we have the pink/red and the light wood, in medium tone, a honey. Blue, pink and honey appear in several places. As well as, in smaller quantity, the green (plants, cushions, frame…) and in smaller still, the yellow.

Now we are in the kitchen…and the colors remain the same: pink, blue (now in detail), yellow, honey, green (more quantity than in the room and floor and cabinet in a lighter shade).

We got to the bathroom and, look at that thing! Pink, blue, yellow, honey, green (this time it in greater quantity)

And in the bedroom? See that the colors remain the same, some in slightly different tones and now I can say that the honey/yellow draws more attention, correct?

Is it a “straight” house? No ! Do they keep the same colors? YES! But nothing “combinandinho”, nothing obvious! Even so, the “flow” from one environment to the other maintaining a harmony caused, in a lot, by the simple and “limiting” color palette. Got it?

What is important to understand?

A) Colors do not have to be exactly the same, they can be darker, clearer…

B) The amount of each color individually changes from environment to environment so that we do not have a “blue” house or a “green” house, but a colorful house!

C) In this case, white is a key element to expose the most vivid colors (which is the role of neutral colors).

Is not that cool? So choose your favorite color palette and get to work, leaving room for your creativity and freedom.