Deliciously Retro Decor and Very Current

We’re not going to find any decorative innovative formula, if we define the perfect way (and fast) to add optimism on decorating, is to use the retro style. The word retro is used for models and design inspired by the old, bad with current manufacturing, and the word vintage refers to authentic pieces.

Deliciously Retro Decor and Very Current

And once cleared up this point, I have to say that I do not agree with this definition, but will take the official version, your with my sorrow. For that, I love to discuss the constant evolution of the concept of vintage.

Today, we will visit a house full of prints we carry the years 60 and 70, which combines to perfection, the pillows, so the characteristics as English Windsor style and the tempting treasures of markets.

The style is your owner’s hand. I loved how the living room, live in perfect harmony with a small work area with a dining table, thanks to the choice of the furniture visually very light and retro air and fully integrated the House decoration. A House with a very modern retro style.

In addition, fluid furnishings stand out colors and accessories, such as the arrangement of pictures on the living room wall, the tile with prints of oranges and apples (who does not remember them), with the matching mugs and colorful kitchen furniture. To end with the cosy room with the poster of the protagonists of the television series I Love Lucy. I love for sure.