Different Ways to Wear the Same Shirt

The shirt is eternal element that will not go out of style, it is the perfect choice for stylish clothing. Women are much more options to wear but men do not, they are only two classic and contemporary. The classic is – suitable for formal events and modern is typical of free time.

The classic way includes strict buttoned collar and cuffs. Necessarily shirt tucked into pants and wear a tie. He can also dress shirt with a jacket or sweater for – elegant appearance. Very often in men occurs thus wear as dress code and workplace demands. For some professions there – strict requirement in terms of clothing. Especially when the employee contribute to the prestige of the company for which they work. The classic way will help you to keep strict and elegant clothing. Perhaps the most – difficult in this way is to collect the shirt into pants.

Start the day with a neatly folded shirt and after two hours it is no longer so many of you this has happened. While you come across and men whose shirts remain Perfect retracted the day. There are some things that will help you reduce the frequency of this exercise. The first is if the shirt is – so long that should not be removed when you sit down. Moreover, if your shirt is sewn to order and tailored to your actions, so it is unlikely to be removed. Third, when storing a shirt to shirt to fold the side. These tips will help you to anywhere but last way that will be most – sure that the shirt will be removed to stand absolutely still. Everything can be saved if you wear a shirt over pants, but will look negligee. In this case, the shirt you must be 16 cm below the waist. This also applies to those who want to be with polupribrana shirts for men. This effect is best achieved by storing only – only his shirt, then pulling one end angle of 45 degrees.

The modern way will help you look casual. Shirt over pants, unbuttoned collar, cuffs can be both buttoned and unbuttoned. Most – actual shirt is to be half tucked into his trousers rolled up sleeves possible – casual way. You may encounter other options in fashion circles but these are – prevalent.