Do You Have The Best Mobile Camera Pixel? We Analyze The Study Which It Says

Yesterday the new Pixel and Pixel XL arose, the substitutes of the Nexus range that, at least in the stores, it soon too become a memory. It’s two focused phones to the high range with the latest processor from Qualcomm (Snapdragon 821), but that disappointed many users in terms of its price.

One of the things that stood out in the presentation is its magnificent camera, and part of their rationale was that DxOMark had qualified with a score of 89, leaving as the best camera of the moment. That Yes, it is only a point above the 10 HTC Galaxy S7 Edge and Sony Xperia X Performance (although the average to me gives me 86.7, so you should be in the Group of 87).

For those who are more recent in this scene, DxOMark is a website charge to analysis to the cameras, but are not limited to the smartphones, but to any type of camera, and may this be a reflex, a compact or, ultimately, any kind of camera that put in your hands.

What is based on DxOMark to give this score to the Pixel?

The method still is, in fact, very simple, they take the smartphone in your pocket and get to take photos, as possessed in all possible conditions. In the analysis that makes DxOMark of the Pixel camera (which I recommend reading) have made pictures in perfect conditions and conditions the most adverse possible.

Not infrequently they have to remove some terminal competition to compare their cameras and thus give details of what is strongest and where the protagonist terminal decline. In the case of the Pixel, one of its strengths is the dynamic range in all conditions, While one of the weak would be that the auto focus, very occasionally, does not focus as it should.

The final score is an average of several scores given in 7 sections: exposure and contrast, color, focus, texture, noise, artifacts and flash. After judge each of the sections, they are scored individually and then removed the media which will be the final result of the test.

Curiously, between the Pixel and HTC 10 (second in its ranking) There is only 0.5 points of difference (88.8 pixel against HTC 10 88.3), what makes that the rounding has played an important role, but the Galaxy S7 Edge (in addition to the Xperia X Performance), with its 87,42, should be in the section of the 87 points following the rules of rounding applied for HTC.

How reliable are these scores?

In my opinion, these scores are more reliable which give the typical benchmarks to calculate good or bad that is a smartphone simply by the fact that have been released by humans, not by a series of instructions in an application. Yet we must take with tweezers it scores.

The first thing is that we must not look directly at the final score and judge if a smartphone has better camera than other, Ideally, read the full review, Since there are scores of each section, and also mentioned strengths and weaknesses of each camera. The final score is nothing more than an average.

The reality is that today (at least in the high range) cameras are extraordinary, with a near-perfect performance to be cameras in mobile phones, so if you want to know what strengths and weaknesses has each one, it is best to go to their website and read in detail what they say, in addition, of course, see photos.

Conclusion: do not give you too much importance to the scores which are published, and more while still missing some recent by analyzing terminals), only to be sure that manufacturers are still struggling out large chambers in their mobile star. How of reliable seem to you to ti DxOMark scores?