Don’t Waste Any More Time with the Alarm Clock Xtreme

The alarm clock Xtreme is an application available for Android that won’t let you lose time. The alarm clock has several configuration options to prevent you just turn it off and go back to sleep. The user can configure the application to wake up with your favorite music, with a ring tone or a random song. You can also activate the light increase alarm volume. So, you don’t take that scare and will slowly waking while the sound of music takes care of the environment.

The user has several configuration options to get you out of bed.You can choose several types of snooze and let more difficult to take a NAP. The application offers options like solving a math problem to switch off the alarm, or shake the device. So, it’s hard to go back to sleep and you don’t waste any more time.

The features of the application include: musical alarm, random music, alarm light alarm volume rise, mathematics to snooze on/off, shake to snooze/turn off alarm NAP timer auto-snooze and self-denial. You can also set the alarm to play every day or only on some days of the week. The user can also activate more than one alarm for different times.

Our Opinion

The “Xtreme alarm clock” is a good application of the genre because it offers several options for the snooze mode on and off, in addition to letting the user choose the audio used in the alarm. The option to have the music increase slowly is also a nice balcony to let the wake more enjoyable and less painful.

The configuration options for shutdown are very good. The user can just press the display to turn the alarm off or snooze mode put;may have to solve a math problem to disable or use the shake. In the first case, the NAP area on the screen is always greater than the Disable button. So, if you simply press the screen randomly still sleeping, probably the alarm will ring again soon not to let you lose time.

What really leaves something to be desired in the application’s design. The interface has a black background with white and blue sources. The design is heavy, ugly and doesn’t fit with the alarm clock function. Application performance is good in General, but some times it does not recognize the touch display. These problems also depend on the user’s smartphone.

In General, “alarm clock Xtreme” is a good alarm clock application.He flees, with interesting options settings. Another advantage is that the application saves some of these settings with the schedule you selected and more the songs most used. The only design could be better and more appropriate.