Early Pregnancy

The first 3 months of pregnancy are referred to as early pregnancy. During this time, the woman’s body undergoes some big changes, under which the expectant mothers have to suffer. Consult the most frequent complaints in the following. All are perfectly normal and are no reason for concern. While some are more severely affected, the others have it somewhat easier. But in any case, you should remain calm – because often help already remedies nausea and co. to declare war.

Why early pregnancy is you stress test

The first few weeks are accompanied by many side effects, which are often unpleasant. Of all was only said that you should listen to your body and best give in to his needs. Often are the complaints of a short duration and soon disappear. If you have concerns or are not sure what your hormones would tell you, you are well advised if you pay a visit to the gynecologist. Classical problems include:

Complaint 1:Fatigue:You feel tired and could use a NAP again? The only thing that really helps is sleep and relaxation. Insert a good Meditation CD or relax with your favorite movie.

Complaint 2:Heartburn:Many pregnancies are characterized by heartburn. You can get very easy to remedy by occasionally taking a spoon mustard to and without eating hot spices. Lie down in the evening several pillows under the head and in the health food store, ask whether you can recommend natural and effective ways to relieve.

Complaint 3:Nausea:Almost every woman has to suffer in early pregnancy. Here at Trophydresses.com you can get more different models of the pregnant fashion. In the course of time, you will find certainly what special foods or smells cause the unpleasant feeling with you. Avoid this simply. Essential oils and fragrances that you like and who you talk to, is a hot tip in the fight against the nausea. Test out – then feel better soon.

Complaint 4:Enhanced smell and taste:Suddenly smells in your nose, you previously have not taken it you go and you taste all the ingredients now much more intense. This is completely normal and lies down again after a few weeks.

Complaints 5:Sore back: especially the back problems many women in early pregnancy. But even in this case, there are good remedies that help. Let your partner massage – there are special warming creams, which are the. In addition, it can also help if you put a hot water bottle on the painful area and good cover up.

Complaint 6:Unusual cravings:everyone knows that – you’ve eaten just a hearty snack, you have the desire for a portion of creamy ice cream or kalorienreicher chocolate. While it rejoices over a delicious piece of cake, even the gusto rises to pickle. Many pregnant women no longer – to understand but you don’t worry. Just be careful what you put into and don’t indiscriminately throw themselves on all the goodies.

Complaint 7:Visible changes:If for example the nipples and the area around dark, this is normal. Some women complain in early pregnancy pain in the chest. As already mentioned you are not to worry, if the symptoms do not improve, you can ask your doctor for advice. Maybe she can help you out with good ointments.