Essence Collection

I was challenged by Pandora to select the values of the Essence Collection which have more to do with me and my relationship with motherhood.

For those who do not yet know this collection, the same is composed of about 60 bills, in silver, gold or selected stones, representing each one of them a unique value, whose name is recorded in it.

To accompany the bills, we find the Essence bracelets and necklaces, in thinner silver mesh. Here at mustownJewelry you can get more models of the fashion necklaces. In them accounts remain fixed, thanks to an internal silicone brake system-which allows you to use only one account or more, if you want, in the desired position.

Choosing, between the great selection of values, the ones that define me and relate to my relationship with motherhood was a tremendous challenge!

There are many and significant values that make up the collection. But, of course, there are those who tell me more than others and the selection just happened.

I leave you with my choice…

Spirituality-a value that was instilled by the family and closest friends from very early, and I would like to convey to my daughter.

Love-Love is the driving force of the world, the lever that makes life be better and make more sense. Soon I will discover a full love, which I have already begun to feel for being that is growing inside me.

Equilibrium-essential in the choices, in life, in the paths we decided to tread. That this notion may also be transmitted to the little girl, so that she decides to track, with balance, her paths.

Health, peace and wisdom. Three essential values, which I ask and desire daily, for me and mine.

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