Evzero, Oakley Performance Glasses

Two Incredible Models For You To Further Improve Your Sports Practice

In this Olympic climate we are living in these last days in Brazil, everyone is rescuing the sport side and seeking to practice physical activities, right? Neither is it for less, since the benefits of sport in our body and mind are immense.

And one of the best accessories for various sports modalities is performance. If you run, pedal, play beach volleyball or practice other outdoor sports, there is at least one at home. And if you do not, enjoy this tip.

To improve their performance, Oakley, gold medal in the category sporting goods company, is with two new models of sunglasses for those seeking performance safely during training and competitions, EVZero.

In addition to the basic benefits, such as protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays, see more advantages of having an EVZero as a sports companion.

Evzero Path

The Path model is one of the best sunglasses for all sports, including aerobics and running, among others.

The EVZero Path owns the lightest frame that Oakley has ever developed and was created for speed, with a smooth, polarized frameless filter.

Oh, and it weighs ONLY 22 grams. That’s right-TWENTY TWO GRAMS!

Want to know more about, click on the photo!

Evzero Range

The EVZero Range model combines the lighter sports body with the unobstructed view of a bare polarizedfilter.

This provides a panoramic view on the perfect upper peripheral region, intended not only for cycling, but for many other sports where full vision is a huge differential.

If you want to know more about Range, click the photo below.

The EVZero is, on average, 15% lighter than other performance glasses on the market, as well as providingoptimized vision, flexibility to adapt to a variety of face shapes, impact resistance and, of course, more comfort and design than Elevates the style to a new level of performance.

As we all know you’re all excited about these new Oakley models-and inspired by the Olympic climate that pitched in the country-we’ll give you that little push you can make yours right away.