Eyelash Implant

Have gorgeous eyelashes and long is the desire of every woman. The mascara is not enough, and many women choose to use false eyelashes. Currently there is a new method that allows you to have the eyelashes you’ve always wanted, the Eyelash implant.

If you have short eyelashes, eyelashes thin arched or not, this beauty treatment is right for you according to Sourcemakeup. Over time, the eyelashes grow old also as the rest of the body. The eyelash implant is a very effective beauty treatment, if you want to have beautiful eyelashes.

How is the eyelash implant?

It’s a minor surgery. Is as effective as the graft of hair to baldness. This surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, and, depending on the needs of each woman, if it varies the amount of eyelashes which will be grafted.

The hair used for the implant is removed from the root of the neck part of the patient’s own scalp. Before the implant, the hair will be grafted is specifically reviewed and prepared with care. This hair can also be synthetic, but the result is not the same and will not be permanent.

The surgery consists of small incisions on the eyelid with a local anesthetic. The procedure takes about 1 hour. In most cases, the Cilia are grafted around 40, but depends on each case. The results are immediate, and healing is rapid. Are prescribed as medication only special ointments to help in healing. In 24 hours, the woman will be able to resume your normal life, of course, taking certain precautions.

After three months, is when you will notice even more results, when the eyelashes fall, however, the new lashes are growing. To be deployed from the follicle, they continue to grow as the scalp, but now, in place of the eyelashes. The eyelash implant is something extremely delicate and must be done by qualified professionals.