Fall of Skulls: Do You Dare with Las of Suiteblanco?

In these times of economic difficulties, it seems that, in many cases, although brands attempt to try new formulas, there is no better idea that repeat classics from other seasons they were successful and that will ensure sales. There is more to see the flurry of tacks that we see in the shops after a couple of seasons without news of them, or, as in this case, the skulls.

I remember making any season, they became very fashionable in the male wardrobe, from more casual t-shirts to the more sophisticated jewels, all with sinister skulls. Again, this fall seems to come loaded with them. Would you like to see those proposed by Suiteblanco?

Note that Halloween is near and that can encourage us to buy more terrifying garments. Do you think of Suiteblanco t-shirts?


All are worth among the 9.99 to 14.99 euros. And if instead of t-shirts, you prefer to be more discreet without compromising this rescued trend, here is this bracelet white Suite which costs 6.99 EUR:

Maybe you this autumn with the skulls?