Floor Lamps for Home

Spotlights and lanterns, poles and tripods: with floor lamps, there’s plenty of choice in deciding which is the coolest to brighten up your evenings. Choose those that best suit your needs and make the garden a magical place.

Floor lamps, lights the night

Ah, the pleasure of spending a summer evening outdoors! When the hot rays of the Sun are had declined and hide behind the rooftops, when you raise a breeze stepping on me the tree branches, when only the Moonlight is to illuminate our carefree moments. But, sometimes, the whiteness is not sufficient to enlighten us Lunar: to enjoy a barbecue in the garden, balcony, for a chat between friends on the terrace, the natural light is not enough. As far as romantic, lanterns and candles are not ideal for these occasions: what it takes are floor lamps practices.

Floor lamps for outdoor living area

The advantage of outdoor floor lamps is obvious: just move them when and where you need to have all the light you need. Maybe better lighting for the dining table, or to shed light on a detail of garden ornaments, or to emphasize a point. And, if you don’t need them anymore – because dinner is over or because of the rain the threat – just bring them indoors to keep them at their best. Or maybe we don’t even need: floor lamps are also to be fixed to the ground, becoming an integral part of the garden furniture. A lightweight and durable Aluminum, ideal against rain and humidity, floor lamps resist everything: with LED bulbs, then provide illumination in complete safety and with all due energy savings, while models with elegant cast Spotlight cones of light between the branches of the trees and flower beds.

Get inspired by ToughestFlashlights, select your floor lamps to brighten up your parties best. Love your home!

Floor lamps, must-haves in the garden

Those lucky enough to own an outdoor area would be best to treat by placing accessories and furniture that they may be able to highlight the features. Among these, we cannot fail to mention the floor lamps are ideal if you want the terrace or the garden a magical place to live all year round along with close friends or family. Floor lamps are essential to create the right lighting. It is always better to use led lamps because, in addition to providing big savings each month, can illuminate the whole room. In the magazine you will find daily tips and ideas related to the world of home and living! Interviews with our style experts, designers and artists will offer a daily inspirations and ideas for decorating the House following the latest trends in furniture! What are you waiting for? Choose the best floor lamps for your home and get advise.

Floor lamps, various materials

The external environment must always be taken care of better paying attention to small details especially if you are looking for a cozy place to spend time with old friends. In addition to tables, stools and accessories then you must check that the lighting could be absolutely perfect. Floor lamps, depending on the various models available, are the perfect accessory to give a chic and refined. The materials used are many although those best-loved are:

• Steel: ideal for a modern or contemporary garden. The whole can be made even more appealing if mixed with glass;

• Wood: a timeless charm and can fit inside of a classic but also modern terrace. Walnut or cherry patterns are even more attractive thanks to the natural grain which make it more chic and special;

• Glass: those made in Murano glass are the most beautiful ones because, being made by hand, they are small works of art to be exhibited in the House;

Thanks to the outside floor lamp your garden becomes a magical place to live every day with the person you love.