Friday Matchmaker: Dress

I wanted to start the post telling you, this month, the blog will be full of news and I’m really excited!

Yesterday we started the summer special here in Rio: a whole month of fresh looks, tips from Rio and maravilhosidades of various natures.

Today we have more news! Wait I explain nicely:

There are now 3 months pro wedding (a little less, in fact! ui!). And I’ve spent the last few months researching a lot, a lot of pinzando on Pinterest and talking to a lot of cool people. Well, after all that searching, chei it was time to share a little of that process with you.

This is how the new column here at UASZ:

The sixth Matchmaker will be one day (Friday), every week, so we can talk about a lot of subjects delightfully matchmakers. Of the dress, groceries, music of references to interviews with cool vendors.

Well, the first Friday Matchmaker could not have another subject otherwise: the dress! Of all the questions I get asked about marriage, I think that 90% of them are related to the dress. And, for most of those 3 months of preparations, my answer to all of them was: I have no idea.

Choose dress is very hard, people! You’re so beautiful option, so many different styles, so many wonderful designers!

I confess I didn’t know this universe sets brides and didn’t have much idea of shops or cool stylists. So, I decided to start the search for the perfect dress, searching the internet a lot and playing a lot of references on Pinterest. In this process, I ended up stumbling upon some vendors who seemed to have more to do with my style and I went to meet some of them. I talked to several people, until I found theFafi Vasconcellos.

The Fafi, this cute girl up here, it was my chosen to do, from scratch, a dress with my face. Some things made a lot of difference to the choice. Let’s look at the key factors:

  1. I’ve seen pictures of some dresses that Fafi did and liked the clean and modern style that ended up finding hard to find on the market of wedding dresses in lace and embroidery that seem to prevail.
  2. She had already made dresses for friends of mine and told very well.
  3. She attends every bride personally to understand what she wants, what style, what the dream, which doubts.She return references, shows photos, design in your face what she imagines and has the greatest patience in the world.Empathy in time.
  4. Closed the design of the dress, she makes a timeline of evidence you to experiencing the dress.The idea is to let the bride as smoothly as possible and go changing along the way.

Look at some of the things the Fafi already did:

Well, yesterday I went to my first test. And the cry of emotion?Obviously I only show the dress on the day of the wedding (because the homi reads the blog too), but I took advantage of the meeting with the Fafi for a mini interview with her and know the tips she gives to brides in choosing the perfect dress. Come on!

01 Tip: know your style and adapt it to the wedding style

When you go to the beach, goes from bikini, right? And when you go to work, places a work clothes, right? But, regardless of where you are, there is a style that permeates all these choices. If you are more classical, probably going to bet in a bikini more behaved, with a more neutral color to the beach and a well-cut blazer for work. If you are more advanced, you will have a modern twist in bikini and some daring on the look of work too (maybe some metallic part?).

Anyway, the point here is: understand your style is the starting point of any wedding dress. Copy the style, it’s time to adapt it to the scenario of your marriage. Can you be true to yourself getting married on the beach, in the Church, in the field or in a thatched cottage.

Tip 02: there is reference!

OK, ok. We know that not everyone has a style very clear in my head.Then, do a test: enter the Pinterest and type: wedding dress (or, if you want to further expand the search “wedding dress”). And go pinzando all you want. Or filters too. Will pinzando even. 1 hour when you have enough, you will realize that there is a consistency in the things you like. And there the style popping up!

(look down here some pictures from my Pinterest I put together dress!)

03 Tip: Choose the right person to make your dress

Knowing your style, it’s easier to find a professional to make the dress. If you still have questions about what you want, go to talk! And don’t take into account only the previous work. Talk to find someone with whom you sympathize. Yes! There has to be chemistry between designer and client. It’s going to have to understand their wishes and put into practice what you dreamed of. And remember that you will find enough with this person in several events. So, you have to be good people.

04 Tip: Enjoy the evidence to go messing

The tests are not done just to adjust size. The idea is that you go to understanding whether it is that what you really want. You don’t have to be ashamed to say I didn’t like such a thing or wanted in such a way.The evidence is for that! It’s a way to go until you get to the idea tapering ideal dress for you.

05 Tip: Take the people you like best to give opinion and live this moment with you

To your mother, best friend, sister, cousin. There are people who deserve to share this special moment with you. And, look how nice, they love you and know you, more than anyone, will be able to give opinions and contributions super super useful! They also come to visit with you.

Maaaaaas, enjoy that will be ample proof to divide the people among the evidence. You don’t have to take everybody for all the evidence. Taking a lot of people end up being stuck, a lot of people giving opinion and often disagreeing, may end up making you more insecure and with more questions.

Well, those were the precious tips of Fafi for those who’re beginning to think the dress!

As the US is doing the evidence, I’m counting more news!

And next Friday has more Friday Matchmaker!