Garden Night Lighting

For what type of garden heard your garden? Experience there children together with their friends the greatest moments of a football match again even after, play to their heart’s content and plunge into the refreshing splash pool? Or is your garden rather your own piece of land on which you plant carrots, strawberries or beans? maybe you living your dreams of distant lands in your garden, and when you enter it, you will feel like in the Far East or the Mediterranean? Or is your garden it all: a rest, play and work for the whole family?

Garden Night Lighting

Every garden is different-and because the activities are so different in the garden, at any garden can be equipped with its own lighting concept. We’ll give you a few tips on how you can highlight different types of gardens quite different. For what type of garden counts your garden?

Snacking Strawberries from Our Own Kitchen Garden

So delicious as from the garden tastes really no strawberry – find the grandchildren who also once one or two in my grandma’s garden snacking allowed. But really no more! For out of the rest will Oma yes cook jam. And there are then spread on bread!

In a garden, the one uses for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, it is above all a practical lighting on.Gardening can be a pleasure for body and soul – and if you after a busy day a little more time will spend to turn off, then it depends on the good illumination of areas and workspaces to. LED lights with motion here ensure that the light then turns on when it really needed. If, then on solar technology, the perfect lighting caused not even electricity costs for gardening.

The Garden to Play, Explore and Run

When children play in the garden, it has an extremely vital. But children need a lot of space-ideally a large, robust grass on which they can enjoy themselves.Even a sandpit and a natural swing round off a perfect family garden, which thus becomes almost an adventure playground.

But besides the fun that is in children safety important. Regarding the lighting that means dangerous places such as steps until the late hours into it must be perfectly lit to prevent accidents. Besides preventing illuminated garden pond that you can keep it in the dark for solid ground.

The Exotic Garden for People with Wanderlust

Whoever wants to enter his garden and dream of distant lands, the previously By browsing in large picture books and looks for his favorite motifs for converting from. But besides a little imagination and inventiveness, a particularly green thumb is required.Many exotic plants have to be maintained in accordance with the regional peculiarities of their origin. Depending on the country other accessories are added: stone, pottery, marble and ornaments for the Mediterranean garden, watercourses, Buddha statues, and perhaps a fishing pond for the Far East-inspired garden.

In addition to the detailed, authentic and each coherent design (which also like once may be interpreted a little free) is also the staging lights in the foreground.Radiator , put the Buddha statues in scene or different floor lights that illuminate the gravel bed in zen style, worry that you can enjoy your painstakingly landscaped garden in the dark-and it may be completely proud.

A Whole Day in the Garden Spend- Relaxation for Young and Old

The family garden is the garden for the whole family- all generations. Kids play on the lawn or help the grandmother while planting beautiful plants. Mom enjoys the water feature in the garden pond, before settling down on a garden chair and By browsing through a thrilling novel. And Dad is enjoying a sunbath before the furniture from chairs, benches and tables for the upcoming barbecue prepared.

The more varied the activities in the garden are – and in a family garden, there are a lot-the more diverse the appropriate lighting must be. A both practical for gardening lighting with modern sensor technology and use of solar energy alternates with a staging ends lighting for numerous ornamentals with night lights. For seating is depending on time of day and a floor lamp for outdoor use, which can illuminate the common meal until well into the night and the BBQ evening.

Additional tip: Who still wants to connect a radio or charge your smartphone, the wonders sometimes quickly, where he all the electric connections in the garden should herbekommen. A solution to  energy distribution to be that fit in stone or wood look seamlessly into the garden concept.