Giant iPhone 5 Party in Denmark

Danes throughout the country are on the street to pay homage to Apple’s newest iPhone, which will be put to sale in nat Bell 00.01.

While Android fans looking enviously to keep iPhone fans celebration across Denmark.

The feast takes place in front of most of the telecommunications businesses that have chosen to keep the extraordinarily open, in order to be able to sell the iPhone 5 o’clock 00:01, the night of Friday.

-“IPhone is just the best. It just seems every time. Android is also very fine. But there is far too much hassle at the system, “says one of the Apple followers who our site met on Strøget in Copenhagen.

With Our site has been handed out umbrellas, ponchos and goodies to the attendees. 3 had arranged the hot dog stand, while our site had the music to play from a DJ. All telecommunications companies did everything they could to get good mood among customers.

In the queue fills the talk about Apple’s bug practically nothing. Our site have talked to tells them that they will continue to buy an iPhone, regardless of bad publicity.