Gift on Children’s Day with Semi Jewelry

And the day when the kids are a thousand to receive their presents is approaching! On this date when children’s day is celebrated all over the country, it is not fair to give our little ones something to mark this special day, but also to run away from the famous toys (probably the child already has a full box) And the outfits they hardly like to win at this time. But, what would be better? Guess only: Semi Jewelry!

Why gift on children’s day with semi jewels?

The children, especially the girls, are getting more and more vain and of course they could not put aside some children’s accessories to make them look even more cute.

Have you ever thought of your daughter, godson, granddaughter or niece with a supermarked ribbon collar ? Or with that gold- plated butterfly toy ? When I was a little girl, I loved to get this kind of treat, and I still have a heart-shaped gold-plated pendant that I won from my grandmother after many years of being saved. See how those gifts mark our childhood?

And the babies? We could not forget them. If you are looking for a gift for children’s day with semi-jewels, the youngest member of the family, you will be delighted to look at the window display of the Maitê Joias virtual store when you see the gold plated earrings for babies. It’s a lot of love!

There are those who find that children wearing semi-jewels are very heavy for their age, but in fact, when you give the little girl a semi-jewel according to her age, such as a flower earrings, princess necklaces and colored bracelets, you do With which the semi-jewelry becomes as delicate as childhood. And that’s why kids can also win semi-jewels!

I want to gift on children’s day with semi jewels

After all, what kind of jewelry do you have for your children’s day? Well, at Maite Joias, you can find a catalog full of models of children’s accessories. If the little girl is in this case a baby, then opt for the gold-plated bracelets or the more delicate little toys.

If she is already a child, the options become even bigger, since you can give from a character earring, flower earring, little owl and much more, to children’s bracelets and necklaces.

Have you decided which model to choose? So feel free to be enchanted in our showcase of children’s accessories and gift on children’s day with semi jewels!