Google Already Added Unique Features at Its Nexus, Now Their New Pixel Will Have Them

With the launch of the new Pixel and Pixel XL people has put the cry in the sky to see that they have with unique features that will not have other Android devices, as if Google further fragment the operating system, but in reality all this is nothing new.

Google always has added functions exclusive to your devices. The Nexus they have premiered exclusively many of Google applications. Then eventually some products have finished coming to other devices, on the other hand, other services are still exclusive Google devices, such as the new the Nexus or the Android One. The only change is that now the Pixel will be the exclusive.

Products that were exclusive of the Nexus

Many of the products Google has released Android were at some point exclusive of the Nexus, as the official application of Google Calendar, the application launcher Google Now Launcher or the Google keyboard or camera function Photo Sphere to take pictures at 360 degrees. Many of these products took months or even years to be available on devices from other brands.

Products that are still unique

The Nexus and Android One still have applications exclusively, as the Google camera with his focus and intelligent burst or applications of Phone and Google contacts. They can only be downloaded from the Google devices.

This means that only the Google devices enjoy protection against phone spam, the identifier of calls and their search of sites nearby phones style yellow pages.

As we can see, Google has spent years adding exclusive services for your devices, is not any change in strategy, what happens is that now the Pixel have been announcing features that, for the moment, it seems that it will not reach the Nexus.

The new exclusive to the new Pixel

The new Pixel premiered a new design on the navigation bar of solid colors that remains to be seen if they end up arriving when the Nexus update Android 7.1. Also as a change in the interface, the new phones released the new application launcher Pixel Launcher accompanied by a new selector of wallpapers.

The new Pixel count with Unlimited cloud storage of photos and videos in its original resolution (any resolution photos and videos of up to 4K). Other devices will only have unlimited storage with the size of raise of high resolution (up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080 p). The Pixel also premiered the Smart Storage, function that automatically removes device photos and videos that already have backup in the cloud. At the moment, other devices of will have to do it manually with the option to free up device space.

The Pixel have also a service of 24/7 technical support. In the settings of devices will be the new “Support” tab to call or chat with technical support, as well as to see tips and tricks for squeezing the terminal.

Google Wizard exclusive?

Perhaps the exclusive which more fears around the world is the of the Google Assistant, that moment only it has been featured in the new Pixel, but surely ends up coming to the Nexus and other devices coming soon, since Google wants to put his assistant in all kinds of devices. Moreover, we already have the Google Wizard in Allo.

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