Google Confirms That The Pixel Selling by Operators Updated at The Same Time, There Will Be No Delays

Last week came the news that the Google Pixel updates pass before operators, at least by Verizon, and it was said that the operator would be which would decide when to release the update, but this ultimately will not be so.

To calm tempers, Google has confirmed that all the Pixel will be updated simultaneously, There will be no delays between devices purchased in store as those acquired by operators.

Google will release security patches skipping operators. Only operators can participate in the update process in the case of an update to Android, where its role is limited to checking that the new version does not adversely affect your network.

They have not given details of the process of updates, but surely Google ofrezcera operators update weeks before the global launch so you must check that everything is correct within a maximum. After reaching the release date Google will begin to simultaneously update all the Pixel. Where any operator detected a problem as surely update those models or all stops until the problem is corrected. This already happened with some Nexus.

About the bloatware, the Pixel will come without factory operators applications, But if operators can automatically install your applications through Google Play, no system applications. If the Setup Wizard detects that the device has been sold by an operator during the Setup Wizard you can download automatically from Google Play applications of the operator. If is your applications are downloaded, the user can uninstall them as any downloaded application.

For now Verizon is the only operator in subsidizing the Pixel, and no control updates or meter bloatware that can not be uninstalled. If Google has not gone through the hoop of the largest operator of United States we hesitate to do so with the other operators in the world. Google has great force to control the software and updates for your devices.