Google Is Testing a Redesign of The More Rounded Search Bar

The future of Android is round. The circular icons have come to stay and bring uniformity and monotony to the system, but the invasion of the circles in the Kingdom of right angles has not just begun: the next victim would be the Google toolbar.

There are few things that likes more to Google that modify the design of the Google toolbar. Has been transparent, with edge, fake 3D, white and the last news we had was converted into a kind of pill and relegating its place to the current date. So you thought that this would be the final design, at least for this year? You equivocabas, Google is testing another bar elongated and traditional design, but with rounded edges.

The new widget

It is the new design of the 4 x 1 Widget included in the application of Google that some users have begun to see on their devices. The design is similar to the current implementation as opposed to the word Google is replaced by the icon circular with the G, the bar itself is semi-transparent and both ends are rounded instead of being square.

This redesign seems to be for the moment an applied experiment to a few users and only in the application of Google widget. It remains to be seen if it will extend to the implementation in other launchers as Google Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher and how many days take Nova Launcher and Action Launcher in copy it to their launchers. My prediction: few.