Google Maps Offline – Android

Anyone who has an Android device and has no data plan needs to use a mapping software that does not depend on the internet . Maps should all be stored on your device.

Google Maps Offline - Android

However most programs that already have the maps in the phone memory are paid. Also the quality of Google maps is generally better.

The OsmAnd program allows maps from various sources to be downloaded from the internet and placed on your device. OsmAnd also has a program called OsmAnd Map Creator that facilitates this process called “Preload”. You select the area you want on the map and have it downloaded at the zoom level you want. Note that the closer the zoom (the higher the number) may be the total size of the maps that are downloaded.

The screen below shows part of the process of “Preload” of the map taking place on the PC. After downloading just copy to the OsmAnd folder on your device. If you prefer, simply navigate the map using OsmAnd for the cache to be made. Everything that is viewed on the map is cached and can be viewed again without internet.

OsmAnd supports routes and during the route shows the direction and the distance to the destination.

In addition to Google maps, both street and satellite maps, OsmAnd supports the following maps in the image menu below.

I installed this program on a Motorola Milestone. I tested it for several days and found it excellent. Whenever I go on a trip I will download the city maps into the device. It is a fast process and the best option for those who do not always have a data plan available.

On the mobile the OsmAnd operation is very good too. Very fast and with good usability. The zoom adjusts according to the setting that has been made, enlarging the maps depending on what is available in the phone.

To install the OsmAnd and the map loader, go to the official OsmAnd page and download the latest version of the apk . OsmAnd is not on the Android Market yet.