Google Now Launcher Will Be Removed from The Play Store in a Few Weeks

Google does not want to keep two launchers of applications at the same time, that’s why in the coming weeks will withdraw Google Now Launcher Google Play so that users may not install this application on their new devices Launcher.

The exact date is unknown, but in an e-mail that Google would be instructing their members puts the application It will be removed from Google Play in the first quarter year, and 1 March Google Now Lancher will no longer be not optional in the GMS application pack (Google Mobile Services). Hey, Google leaves the Google Now Launcher

This shouldn’t catch us by surprise. He was coming with the release of the Pixel Launcher – still exclusive for the Pixel – which is the evolution of Google Now Launcher.

Google has informed manufacturers that use Google Now Launcher and its factory devices using other launchers of applications, that can integrate Google Now panel.

What is not known is if Google will add another pitcher to their 5 X and Nexus Nexus 6 p in a next update of Android. Perhaps the Pixel Launcher start reaching more devices.