Guide to Choose a Sports Bra

If you are regular runner as if you just start running in know the important thing is to choose a good shoe. You choose a good damping to avoid injury, you choose the right size so that it does not dance you foot but to not leave you blisters and chafing… The same care should have women in the choice of our sports bra, to avoid irreversible damage to our chest and prevent injury.

Why Choose A Sports Bra?

The unique natural attachment of the female breast is composed of ligaments and skin that covers them. Having no muscles, with the passage of time and without proper care, these ligaments are stretched. Depending on the impact of the sport you are going to practice, we will need a higher grip that offers us the lingerie that we use on a daily basis. Choosing a good sports bra is not only a matter of comfort and aesthetics.

Find Your Size

Guide to Choose a Sports Bra

The majority of women choose wrong our sports bra size. Against popular opinion it is not best that more tightening. To be 100% secure, we have to do two measurements:

1 contour under breast: to determine the size.

2 outline of the chest: to determine the Cup.

To try the clip, check that straps and elastic bottom band holding but you do not sink into the body, and that the cups is adapted to the shape of your breasts. They must be tightened more than necessary or they should form folds.

Find The Bra That Fits Your Needs

You must take into account two criteria: the intensity of the sport and the volume of the breast (the Cup)

For low-impact such as pilates or yoga sports, Middle fastening clip is sufficient. Medium like walking or bicycling impact sports requires a firmer bra. For sports such as aerobics, basketball, mountain biking or athletics, where the BRA has to counteract increased movement, the subject must be maximum.

Depending on the volume of the breast (the Cup), we will have to choose between fasteners of compression or type top (compresses the breasts against the ribcage by limiting the movement) or gathering (with individual cups that wrap each breast separately).

For small cups (A, B): the best subject is compression. For impact activities between a top with an open back (shoulder straps), may be while for high impact sports cross braces or back of competition (back swimmer type), are recommended since it promotes freedom of movement.

For large cups (C, D): recommended fasteners of recollection. This form is collected each breast separately, increasing the support and comfort.

Ideally, that two types of restraint are combined for large glasses.

Details You Have In Mind?

Elastic bottom: should be adjusted but do not tighten. Much more bandwidth, good grip.

Shoulder straps: wide straps are beneficial for people with big chest, since they divide better weight and therefore they would earn in comfort. Models with adjustable straps allow you to vary the intensity of the subject.

Cup: looking for materials that conform to the shape of your breasts. Flee those who bring metal rings, since in a coup or by friction can cause you injuries. Choose those with molded cups or reinforced tissue grafts.

Closing: currently, up to the type top has brackets to adjust the contour to your back. If you have a large chest, front closure, with clasps or zipper fasteners, much more comfortable when placed there.

Fabric: lets the natural fabrics for low-impact activities, and choose breathable fabrics. Most are available with flat seams to prevent chafing.

Extras: there are fabrics to use abroad, with whitespace, elastic bottom to insert the tape of a heart rate monitor, even the

There are small mp3 Pocket!

f you’re running it avoids the premature fall of your chest with these indications. Of course, try always in your shop the BRA before you buy it and don’t forget to renew it when notes that it begins to recede.