Hard Rock Cafe Jackets, Where to Buy

Success in the 80’s and 90’s Hard Rock Cafe jackets fell in the public’s taste.The jacket is a product of the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant, then very famous for collecting rock ‘n’ roll relics.Known worldwide, today the brand has more than 70,000 items donated and bought from important rock legends.

Currently, in Brazil the jackets are no longer sold directly from the brand’s official store.However, it is still possible to find them through secondary stores, as is the case of Free Market, Every Offer and Market 0800.

Hard Rock Cafe Jackets, where to buy

The Mercado Livre, is one of the largest stores of new, used and semi-new objects. There, you can find adult jackets in sizes P, M and G and also children’s. The price that varies between $ 28 and $ 600, can be split up to 12x on the card. Click here to check the offers.

In the Market 0800 site, offers are scarcer. The jacket available is the Hard Rock Café Men’s Jeans Jacket Xl (gg) Miami that leaves for $ 140, and can be purchased in the bank or credit card. Click here to check the jacket.

And finally in the site Every Offer is possible to find it for R $ 119.00 or 12x of 11.59 in the credit card. The jacket, according to the seller is new and was purchased at the Rard Rock Cafe in Atlanta. Click here to see the product.

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From the earliest legends of the 1950s, such as Bill Haley and Elvis Presley, to the 1960s stars like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to today’s idols like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, all ages are represented. Among the main attractions of the restaurant are guitars and several gold CDs and platinum records.

The first autographed guitar to be placed in the restaurant was presented by Eric Clapton.The second was sent a few days later by Pete Towsend of The Who, with the following message:”Mine is better!With Love, Pete “(Mine’s better! Love, Pete.)