Here Is the Date for the Forthcoming iPhone Launch

The famous rumor spreads Evan Blass has set the date for the launch of the next iPhones, which we probably look in the shops on 16. September.

The rumors about the next iPhones abound in shoals, and there is hardly a day when we do not hear news about the upcoming phones, via leaked documents,images and video. But where the latest rumors has featured mostly in telecommunications ‘ design and features, so there is now news on the launch.

We believe it must, in most cases, well-informed tipster Evan Blass, then lands the next iPhones on sale on 16. September, while an actual launch event will get 10-14 days before.

We are by now accustomed to meeting the new iPhones in september, so the rygtede date works by all accounts very plausible, and at the same time, Apple has before been excited to start iPhone sales on a Friday, which they just want to hit the 16.September.

Worth noting from the leaked news is that Evan Blass no longer call them for iPhone 7, and it also has long been predicted that Apple would save the name for iPhones 10th anniversary next year.

Instead, perhaps we can expect a twist of 6S-name, or simply just iPhone 6S 2016, while iPhone 7 of course still is an option.
In addition, we expect that the new iPhones design will look like its predecessors in the 6-series, with only a different camera-bump and the abolition of the antenna bands on the back.

Additional indications are all rumors on that with the next models must do without mini-jack, why many also wonder whether Apple will include possibly lightning-earphones, or perhaps some wireless ones.

Nothing is confirmed yet, and of course we will have to wait until september, with the final product. As always, we must also expect that the Danish launch of the new iPhones will get a little time after the U.S., and we’re seeing probably the new phones 1-2 weeks after.