Hollywood Stars Fashion Style

If you want to feel a little ‘dive, as the past famous Hollywood star , you’re lucky: with fashion Fall Winter 2015-16 anything is possible!

When in 1966 the famous Brigitte Bardot arrived at London airport was wearing a look then already trendy today returned to the catwalk: turtlenecks paired with a miniskirt and boots cuissardes. The same, Lauren Bacall  , with palazzo pants and turtleneck sweater, but not only: also our Sophia Loren , splendid on any occasion, not to forget the iconic Audrey Hepburn , absolute symbol of elegance.

Thanks to the fashion collections this cold season, you can recreate the look, by day and by night, the Hollywood stars, here are some example of total comprehensive look to copy:

Brigitte Bardot

Born in Paris, he studied as a dancer, then became an actress and singer in the ’50s during which time he married, at age 18, with director Roger Vadim. With his great personality, she was the first woman to wear the “monokini” and the bikini, a period in which he was portrayed by Andy Warhol, which still contributed more to create the myth.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was an icon of style even today, after 30 years after his death nothing has changed and his look back into fashion thanks to the retro style in vogue in recent years, can give us good ideas for outfits exactly trendy, but with a touch of class.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe remains the most glamorous star, loved and imitated in Hollywood. His most famous films and roles have delivered to the legend, as well as her looks have made history, not passing unnoticed to women but also to men around the world. What can we do, there’s a Marilyn alone!

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was a legend not only for his skill as an actress, but also for its unique style, glamor, but also casual, as the total denim look in the picture, consisting of bell-bottom jeans and jacket, which can return very useful as inspiration for our look every day.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was, and indeed remains, one of the most charming and well-dressed actresses of all time. The famous sheath will remain in history forever!

Katharine Hepburn

An actress, but also a real trend-setter. It was one of the first women to wear typically male clothing like pants and white shirt, but also skirts with slits and waist belt, not to forget the iconic Mary Jane at the foot.

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo or “Miss G” as it was dubbed at the time, do not talk so much because of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, but she was one of the few stars of silent movies to live and experience the transition to sound.

Away from the scene, Greta Garbo had a very different style from the rich costumes she wore in the twenty-three films made for MGM, such as complete jacket and long skirts to the knee or mid-calf, hats, hair bands, leather gloves and shoes lace-up suede.

Sophia Loren

The Italian sex symbol par excellence, Sophia Loren, Mediterranean features and terrific curves are just some of the features that have made her a famous star, but also a cloakroom super explosive, suitable for yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Lauren Bacall

The divine eyes of ice has greatly influenced fashion and continues to do so for this season: men’s suits that are enriched with feminine details, transparencies and lace shielding prefer bold shades, white or black for the evening, neutral colors, beige and sand for more informal occasions. No coincidence Lauren Bacall was muse to some of the most important designers of the time, from Christian Dior to Saint Laurent through Cardin, Ungaro and Marc Bohan .

Anita Ekberg

From miss Sweden to style icon, Anita Ekberg began her career as a model of costumes from the pin up appeal, as the inevitable leopard bikini. Her curvaceous beauty has enabled it to have an edge in the show: discovered by Fellini in the 60s then starred in “Sweet Life”, in which the legendary scene appears they enter the Trevi Fountain.