Honor V8 With Dual Camera In View

Huawei seems to have liked to find his smartphone with dual camera. The company from China has just launched its new P9 model and is already taking over subsidiary company Honor. The Honor V8 was indicated in an in-house teaser at least. This is just one of the other devices Huawei wants to publish in 2016.

The Honor V8 is soon to be the light of the world. So much can be seen from the recently released teaser well. The smartphone itself is not to be seen. For this we get at least a date called: On 10th May 2016 it is finally to be so far. The entry is certainly the date for the presentation in China, but that is still better than nothing. Also another date for a performance to the rest of the world is conceivable. The at least Huawei has often in the past so handled when there was a new flagship to present.

Again A Dual Camera From Leica?

If we interpret the rather short teaser correctly, the smartphone in China is to bear the name Honor V8. What sounds so energetic in the name should be continued in the equipment. With a double camera, Huawei knows now. So it does not surprise us that with the Honor V8 another device should be equipped with it. If, as with the Huawei P9, is a Leica-supplied dual camera, this will also provide even more beautiful pictures than before. The camera collects more picture information, deliversnative black- and- white images and the photo can be varied even after the shot still in focus.

Honor V8: Further Equipment Features

As you can see from Huawei, most of the details on the technical equipment remain to a very close secret, and are brought to light by rumors. Also to the Honor (V) 8 some sources believe to know that the Kirin 950 together with 4 gigabytes of memory is to form the heart of the smartphone. That would not be surprising, because the processor is the latest model and Huawei’s own development.A chipset from another manufacturer would be almost a break. In addition, the new smartphone will have a fingerprint sensor.

Fortunately, it is not long before the official presentation. So we can soon look forward to the factual flood to the Honor (V) 8 and we also know when and whether we can expect it in Europe.