Hot Bags for the Season

Each season has its characteristics and preferences of the public. And following the same line, the fashion options suited to the stations, whether on the usefulness of the parts and accessories, is the theme that each offers, delivering an unimaginable variety for the audience. And the bags do not escape this rule.

The Reliquary has a wide range of leather bags to allow your users to enjoy each season as you wish. However, it is natural that some people end up with questions about the best model to use in a given season, whether for aesthetic or practical issues. After all, albeit subtle, every period of the year has its differential features, asking for some minor adaptations in visual.

Therefore, separate a small guide of bags ideal for every season of the year. With them, you will have a series of choices, or from them to suggest their own preferences, creating exactlyyour style to the stations. Without further ADO, let’s get to the Guide.

Autumn is a season of calm and renewal. The high temperatures of summer diminish gradually, leading to cooler periods of the winter. We’re in the southern hemisphere, we have the season early in the year, which emphasizes the spirit of resumption and sobriety.

We regular variations in temperature, but in less intensity than in the summer, we can separate some models of handbags that leave us ready for any elements of the climate, in addition to a more sober and elegant style for less colorful station of the four.

In the Shrine, we have the following models: Cindy, for those looking to combine comfort with elegance; Angel, which despite the vivid colors also combines a simple visual beauty; Roger Jr, slightly smaller than the previous two, but with the same tone of serenity of the other models.

Despite not having an intense cold in much of the country, and at a much lower grade than the rest of the planet, the winter is still a dull season and less adept of outdoor activities. If the summer outdoor activities lifts and open climate, winter explores the interior, reflection, and somehow, individuality.

The models of handbags for winter are prone to store coats and common utensils in winter, like umbrellas, for example. They can be large or small, but in both cases the ideal is to have a more simple and simple compared to the models of Autumn. Here, discretion is more worthwhile than draw attention.

You can find these templates in the Shrine. The models Squares, Lucy and Jenniesão perfect for any occasion in the cold season. While the Lucy model is more suitable for quick occasions and less daring, the Squares and Jennies are better for the great quantity of items is necessary, combining beauty and comfort in the winter. With the sweater and correct accessory, the visual becomes even more elegant without drawing attention.

If the autumn and winter are seasons more sober, calm or sad depending on point of view, spring and your next station represent more vivid, cheerful aspects and intense life. In the spring, we have the resumption of the cycle of nature, and a sense of our own goals, too. It’s the ideal time to start those promises made with such conviction, or renew the votes of other promises.

The resumption and the release of the spring can also be reflected in the stock markets. Models of vivid colors and with less volume are the most sought after, previewing the practicality and agility of the summer. Despite not having a heat so intense about the upcoming season, their higher temperatures may require some specific models to accommodate those accessories that remained in the winter.

The best models of handbags for spring found in the Shrine are Louise, practical for any type of environment and that can be vivid in their choice of colors; Mary, for those looking for more elegance and featured in their looks; and the Retro model, with a more traditional design in relation to the other, but with a big difference for anyone who takes advantage of the cheerful spring looks.

Finally, we reached the favorite station of most Brazilians. Be by your culture, either by being related to holidays and early next year, whether by the intense heat, summer is the season more lively and for outdoor activities. By being associated with the holiday, also be the time when the culmination of its activities are high, leading to the rest and reflections of autumn.

And the bags follow this motto. In the spring we have brighter colors and lively in the summer we see your intensity in colors and styles increase, extolling the daring and fun summer looks. Here, the lighter models of material is required, and the size varies only according to your activity.

But that doesn’t mean the leather bags cannot be used. From the site ( you can get more models of the fashion bags. In the shrine, you can leverage the JRM models, Liza and the aforementioned Angel can add a climate so cheery to your look as the bags of cloth or straw. While the JRM and Angel combine practicality and a simpler beauty for those who need to carry many objects for a beach picnic, for example, Liza is perfect for those who want to skip a Carnival or take advantage of other activities with the most basic and important items in the bag.

Did you see? In the Shrine you can find all types of scholarships for each season of the year. And the above are just a sample of all the samples we have, not only on exchanges like backpacks and feminine or masculine folders. Be as essential accessory to look or need, in the Shrine there is the ideal model for you.

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